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Hardscaping 101: Expert Tips for Choosing the Right Materials

If you are about to begin a hardscaping project for your residential or commercial property and you are trying to decide on which types of materials to use, then please take a moment to read this article. We will be providing some information on hardscaping materials and how to ensure you select the right ones for your project. with so many varieties on the market nowadays, we hope to be able to help you narrow down your choices! Read more about Hardscaping 101: Expert Tips for Choosing the Right Materials »


You can use a combination of aggregates to achieve the result you want. These aggregates are ideal for many landscaping, construction & masonry tasks, such as the installation of driveways, walkways, outdoor fireplaces, walkways, garden steps, pool decks, retaining walls and more. Some of these products can also be used for indoor improvement projects. Read more about Aggregates »

Natural Stone

When it comes to landscape planning, use of the right techniques and creative ideas matters a great deal. But it's important to use the right materials in the right way too. In addition to materials such as mortar, concrete and brick, most landscapes use natural stone in some form or the other. Read more about Natural Stone »

Wall Stone

Landscaping projects call for the use of a number of different materials all of which need to be fairly weather-resistant and strong. Most gardens and yards have some boundary walls, garden walls, retaining walls as well as demarcating half-height walls, and natural stone is a good material for them. Read more about Wall Stone »


Most landscaped areas are open to the air and the surfaces tend to see a lot of wear and tear. They also have to endure climatic changes and all of these factors can cause them to look dull and dated sooner than later. While you can't change these factors, using high-quality materials in landscape construction is one way to counter the effects of all these things. Pavers are one of the most popular outdoor hardscaping materials on the market nowadays. Read more about Pavers »

Landscaping Supplies

Every landscaping project requires a number of landscape materials. In addition to masonry products, a landscape also requires other supplies such as soils, mulch etc. The health of the plantings depends, to a large extent on the quality of top soil used in the project. Companies like Metro Supply & Service supply high-grade landscaping materials to customers. Read more about Landscaping Supplies »

Masonry Supplies

Every landscape project big and small needs masonry products. These materials are used to build the foundations of various features; pavers are used to build driveways, pathways etc. There are a number of other concrete masonry materials that are used in the build of outdoor spaces. Creating stunning and sustainable landscapes is about making sure that you use good materials in their construction. Read more about Masonry Supplies »

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