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Landscaping Supplies Boonton, NJ Installing a landscape involves planning and proper design. Once that is in place, you also need to ensure that the materials used to build and install various features are of top quality. Every landscaping project requires a number of landscape materials. In addition to masonry products, a landscape also requires other supplies such as soils, mulch etc. The health of the plantings depends, to a large extent on the quality of top soil used in the project. Companies like Metro Supply & Service supply high-grade landscaping materials to customers from Rockaway, Denville, Boonton, and Montville.

Many clients from Kinnelon, Jefferson, Hopatcong, Wharton, Randolph, Morristown, and the surrounding areas source the supplies they need for their garden and landscape projects from here. The different types of landscaping supplies you can source from them include:


Mulch is a very versatile product that has functional as well as aesthetic uses in a landscape. Mulch forms a protective layer over the topsoil and there are various colors to choose from. Some mulch is made from very fine gravel while others are made from synthetic materials. But natural wood mulches prove to be the most beneficial to the health of your landscape.

Benefits of Mulching

  • The right kind mulch provides both protection and nutrition to your plantings.
  • Ideal for keeping different types of pests and weeds at bay.
  • Helps prevent soil erosion.
  • They help retain moisture that grasses and plants need to remain healthy and green throughout most of the year.
  • As mentioned earlier, mulches also serve decorative purposes as they are available in a number of colorful varieties.

Garden Soil and Topsoil

Whether you are revamping your yard, part of the landscape or the flower beds, it is important to use good quality materials. Using the wrong or poor-quality soils could result in your hard work being simply washed away during the first heavy rains; the plants may not thrive or your flowering plants might fail to bloom due to the lack of nutrients.

There is a difference between garden soils and topsoil. Choosing the incorrect one could negatively affect the vitality & growth of your landscape. Landscape supply companies provide both these types of soils:

  • Garden Soil - Soils in landscapes have their own unique texture and are a combination of sand, clay silt, and various minerals. You may just find different soil mixes for vegetable gardens flower gardens and even herb gardens. When purchasing bulk garden soil from a landscape supplies store, inquire about what types of sands and organic matter that have been incorporated in them.

  • Topsoil - This is the top layer of soil that’s spread over landscaped areas such as flower beds, lawn spaces, and garden spaces. The best types of topsoils include ones with loamy textures; they are a mix of silt, clay, and sand. These soils have lower water-retention capacities but they are very easy to till.

If you want outdoor spaces that are resilient and long-lasting, make sure you purchase all your landscape supplies from reliable and well-established companies like Metro Supply & Service.

Metro Supply offers the convenience of having your order delivered at an additional delivery fee. Geographic area and quantities determine the cost of delivery. It is recommended that you call in advance to determine the delivery charges and schedule your delivery at your convenience.

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