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Retaining Walls, Rockaway, NJ Retaining walls is a functional necessity and strategic asset. They tame slopes, preventing erosion and protecting your property. They sculpt the landscape, creating level spaces for patios and gardens or expanding your usable square footage. But their value extends beyond the practical.

Retaining walls are blank slates for the creativity of hardscaping experts like us. We build them to last and transform them into stunning elements of your hardscape design. We don't just build walls; we make a statement. Our designers create walls that are a seamless blend of form and function, adding enduring beauty and value to your property.

Forget crumbling eyesores and invest in a retaining wall that stands the test of time. At Metro Supply & Service, we offer a curated selection of premium masonry products from leading suppliers, ensuring you get the high quality and performance you deserve. We are a leading company in the hardscaping space in Rockaway, NJ. We cater to diverse clients and ensure value in everything we do.

Modern Features, Lasting Value

  • Built to endure - Our wall blocks are crafted with cutting-edge technologies, surpassing the competition in durability and longevity.
  • Easy installation - Designed for seamless assembly, our professional retaining wall supplies ensure a perfect finishing touch.
  • Minimal maintenance - Our low-maintenance materials resist stains, cracks, and fading, keeping your wall looking fresh for years to come.
  • Modern aesthetics - Choose from a variety of styles and finishes to create a retaining wall that seamlessly complements your outdoor space.

Types of Retaining Walls

  • Gravity Walls - These massive walls rely on their weight to resist soil pressure. Typically made of concrete blocks, stone, or brick, they're ideal for large-scale projects and slopes with minimal movement.

  • Cantilever Walls - These sleek walls "cantilever" out from their base, using steel reinforcements to support the soil pressure. They're perfect for maximizing space and creating modern, open-air designs.

  • Anchored Walls - These walls use cables or tiebacks anchored deep within the soil to provide extra support. They're perfect for tall walls or unstable slopes, where the added strength is crucial.

Each retaining wall has its advantages and limitations. By understanding your specific needs and site conditions, you can choose the perfect wall to add beauty, functionality, and value to your landscape. A well-designed and constructed retaining wall is an investment that will last for generations. So, choose wisely and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a solid foundation for your outdoor space.

High-Quality Retaining Walls

We believe in the power of a well-built retaining wall to enhance your property's beauty and functionality. That's why we offer:

  • Our knowledgeable team is here to guide you through every step of the process, from choosing the suitable materials to installation tips.
  • We source directly from leading manufacturers to bring you top-quality products at budget-friendly prices.
  • We stand behind our products with a satisfaction guarantee, ensuring your investment is protected.

Don't settle for mediocrity - we will design and build retaining walls that reflect your vision and withstand the elements. For additional information, please call the Metro Supply & Service team at 973-627-7626 or email us through this Contact Us form, and we will call you back to discuss the project specifics.

Metro Supply is a Distributor of a complete line of Pavers & Retaining Wall Systems at every price point.

  • Cambridge Pavers
  • CST Pavers
  • Belgard Pavers

Metro Supply offers the convenience of having your order delivered at an additional delivery fee. Geographic area and quantities determine the cost of delivery. It is recommended that you call in advance to determine the delivery charges and schedule your delivery at your convenience.

Convenient Payment arrangements can be made by Check, (Credit Card) Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Cash upon the delivery of your order.

NOTICE: All deliveries are made at the discretion of the driver to protect the equipment and driver from any unsafe conditions. Metro Supply will not be held responsible for any unforeseeable loading or unloading conditions which may cause damage to the property due to the request of the homeowner.

Customer service is our priority. Let us know how we can be of service to you! We will do everything we can to make your project run smoother.

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